December 14, 2019 1 min read

Women of God; I want to remind you today that you are loved. Its that simple. We are moms, sisters, aunts, friends, employees, caretakers and more. But, first you are the daughter of the best dad in the world. He sees all of your work and understands your plight. He listens to you when you dont know anyone is listening and he accepts you with every flaw. 
Remember your peace; whatever that is and get to it. Hold on to your love; whatever it is and love it. You deserve happiness and can do whatever you want in this life. 
Christian Women's Tees is here to love and empower each woman of Christ. Like our signature shirt says; "I Specialize In Praising God". We do! But, we want you to praise with us and receive every blessing coming your way! 

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